Sunday, January 8, 2012

Valentine's Day Challenge

Hello All,

I am back with a brand new challenge! :) And this is a special one for me as I will be announcing the results from my home country - INDIA!!!!!!!! Yay!

Now, the challenge (not unpredictably) is to make a project for Valentine's Day! So, your loved one can now look forward to a card, tag, bookmark, gift box......blah blah blah from you! But wait wait wait! :) You aren't having it that easy yet! :)

There is a twist!

You have to make a project that should NOT have heart shape pattern (anywhere at all), no red and no pink. By no red, I mean absolutely no red and by no pink, absolutely no pink (not even as support colours). So, pick up those browns, blues, yellows, oranges, purples...........and get creative. You can combine it with as many challenges as you feel like, but it has to be a project you made after my challenge was announced. Only 2 entries per participant please........(I am keeping my job of having to judge easy ;)).

The challenge closes on Feb. 13th at noon (IST). This will be my first day in India, after moving back for good and I want to be happy looking at all the creative creations! :)

The rating system remains the same as my last challenge: 34% weightage to creativity, 33% to skill and 33% to overall neatness and harmony between the elements. Quilling has to be the majority technique in the project.

And now, the PRIZE! Oops, PRIZES! Yes, this time, I will be selecting two winners. One, overall winner and one, "Most creative Idea". The overall prize will get a goodie bag from me, filled with quilling stuff (lots of quilling strips in a host of colours, quilling tool, glue, designer board etc.). The Most Creative Idea winner will win a customized gift from me (i.e. the winner can specify the criteria, I will make the gift accordingly).

Please post the link to your project (if you have a blog) or mail me the pictures at Looking forward to some creativity from all of you and THANKS so much for participating :)

A small idea for getting going (the background is actually purple though it looks pink :D):

And yet another idea:

Happy Quilling


PS: If my posts inspire you to create something on similar lines, I feel highly flattered. But please, do respect the effort I take in conceptualizing and executing, please give a direct link to my work when you are inspired by mine. Thanks for understanding........:-)


Szalonaisa said...

Pritesh, no red, pink, heart... Oooops!!! It suppose to be a Valetine's Card ;)

Pritesh Ananth Krishnan said...

Hahaha, I am sure YOU will come up with something innovative Szalo! ;)

Kavya N said...

This is really tough..... If no hearts, it might be easy then but no pink or red..... This is impossible and no way will this change to I'm possible!!!!

Awesome challenge!! Will surely give it a try!!

Anita Kejriwal said...

This is very challenging! I will go for it!

Miss Syaz said...

Will give a shot if I have the time..

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

Hi Pritesh! WOw! A good challenge! I hope I can do it! Will try! :)

Pritesh Ananth Krishnan said...

Good Luck to all of you! I know I have made it difficult but then, no fun in attempting the easy, right?

Indira Tanwar said...

Hi Pritesh!! This is one interesting challenge. I have been thinking about it from the time you put it up.
Here is my entry. Not sure if this is the right place to link it up.

Szalonaisa said...

Here is my owl :)

Neha Jain said...

Hi pritesh
here is the link to my entry

My entry

I hope it will be eligible :-/

Steps Towards Crafting

Coca Matei said...


SUSAN said...

Hope can to join this challenge, Pritesh.


lavina agarwal said...

Hey Pritesh..

Here is my entry..

Will drop you a mail too..

thanks for the lovely challenge


lavina agarwal said...

oops! I thought no heart and red...but just read it pink too :((

I guess I am not eligible for this one..

Neha Jain said...

here is my other entry

My 2nd entry

Beelyana said...

OMG, i`ve never been part of a challenge,since i`m new at quilling, and i`m so excited!

Neha Jain said...

oops..i just read.....only 2 entries allowed :(

swarnamanoj said...

hi pritesh,
here is my entry
hope u like it

SmilingArts said...

Here is my entry for Valentine card challenge-no pink-no red-no heart.
Hope you like it Pritesh..

Beelyana said...

this is my entry!

Chaitali Narla said...

Here is my entry:

Thanks for getting me excited about quilling again!

neels said...

Hi Pritesh, thanks for the wonderful challenge

here's my entry

have also mailed you the pics.


Dr Sonia S V said...

Pritesh when will you let me play your challenge?!!! I love pink booo hooo!

Kavya N said...

Hi aunty!!
Here is my entry....a last minute one!!

Thank you!!

vavaly said...

Hello drear Pritesh,
I finished my work for this chalenge and I want to share it with u . I hope u will like it. I cant wait to see your decision and i wish good luck to everybody.
here is the link:

Anonymous said...

Mailed my Entry.. Will update the blog soon..

Anonymous said...

here is my entry, hope you like it:

Pritesh Ananth Krishnan said...

Thank you all for participating......the results will be published soon :)