Wednesday, January 11, 2012

About me?

Hello All,

I have always been very very curious about how quillers are as people! I think I have a fascination for psychology, for interpersonal interactions. I love to study people's behaviour and well, I get asked very often, we know you as a quiller/scientist but who are you as a person? Who am I? How am I? Oh well.........I think I am just a simple person with loads of interest and interests in life :) Some largely unknown things about me:

1. I am a bad observer! You can carry off a robbery right under my nose and I won't know! :D
2. I love to read! So much so that over anything else, I prefer to read! Total book worm!
3. I sing all the time! Practically all the time, if not aloud, then in my head! :)
4. I am very fond of big machinery, big cars, heavy-duty tools (I have my own spanner sets and drilling tools!). I am a total workman and I love to tinker around with electronics in the house. I can safely claim to be better at Engineering things than my Engineer husband! :D
5. I am a really slow learner! I have to work very hard to imbibe knowledge. I was always the quiet one in all my classes because I just understand things so slowly!
6. I am kinda naive. I take things at face value. When I give someone some responsibility, I believe in them. When people say they are sad/angry/happy, I believe them. I trust! I have a belief that people are basically good! The world is a good place. An idealist, eh?
7. I sulk a lot! :D I am bad at communicating my feelings immediately, so I tend to sulk until I form the least hurting words in my head. Only then do I speak. There are lots of times people have called me a snob because I don't express much in first meetings.
8. I gel better with women! :) I love hanging out in girl gangs and I have nearly always had one to have fun with!
9. I am such a homie! Given a chance, I would prefer to spend my day relaxing, cooking something nice for my husband and playing with my son. I love being home :)
10. I am a sad writer! :D Most of my writings have a sad tinge in them. I guess, my feelings find an outlet somewhere. I used to have (and still have, just that I don't write much there anymore) a blog where I wrote pretty frequently until about a year ago. I hope to be able to write a book (even if unpublished, it will help my kids know me better as a person, I think) on my life some day :)

Happy Quilling



Hussena said...

hey nice to know a few things about the person you are... cos your work definitely makes a bold statement its always so precise and beautiful....and the part about you constantly singing even if its only in your head that really echo's with me i do that too sometimes:):)but have to admit i am nowhere as melodious as you!!!

Tejal said...

This is so much fun to read...maybe I'll do it on my blog too...i was just thinking the other day that its been a long time one of these meme (or whatever they're called) hasn't been passed around!!
Especially since March of last year when I got to know at least 50 new crafters!! Thank you for sharing such wonderful thoughts!
I'm a homebody too!! And have been called a snob umpteen number of times bcoz I don't react..and when I react, I'm a attitude girl...Sigh!! what do we do!!

lavina agarwal said...

good to know more abt you...admirre your work all the more :)

Pritesh Ananth Krishnan said...

hahaha, thanks Tejal! :) I guess, I could start a post chain like that! :)
Thanks Lavina :)

Priya Sivaraj said...

Good to know more abt u Pritesh! Yes i do sing constantly and I love to read and I am homie too... :))

Pritesh Ananth Krishnan said...

:) I am glad to know there are many like me Priya :)