Friday, January 6, 2012

Quilled K - Challenge Results

Hello All,

The BIG day is here, here are the entries for the Quilled K challenge!

Smita's entry
Cool work Smita, such a 'citrus' look! :)

I am sure Kutkut loved this Megha! :)

Aditi, this took my breath away! Quill me a 'N' too, for my lil sister, who is moving to Hyderabad soon (and I will surely come to meet her AND we shall meet too!!!!!!)

Swarna, this is some wonderful quilling!

Philippa Reid's entry (or should I say 5 entries!)

Philippa, I needn't say anything! Your quilling says it all! I loved this kavalkade! :)

Curly hair or a twirly affair's entry (I am sorry, I couldn't find your name!)

And the winner of this K challenge, whose creation is dedicated to ONE year old Kriyena (my little princess) is:

The last entry by Curly Hair and a Twirly Affair!!!!!!! 

Her entry made me smile the moment I looked at it! Those tiny details.......the little butterfly, the sun, the small pink instantly reminded me of Kriyena's smile :)

Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please email me with your snail-mail address and the letter you wish to have monogrammed! :)

I don't know HOW to thank all of you for making such sincere attempts for my extremely humble challenge! May God bestow happiness on Kriyena always and may she grow up to be a fine woman, setting examples for all the others around you child :)

Happy Quilling



Dr Sonia S V said...

WOW awesome creations..Thank You for hosting this Pritesh. Though I dont participate in most quilling challenges I love to drop by and see the gorgeous creations!

Sathya said...

Lovely creations!!!!

Kavya N said...

Awesome K's!! Congrats to the winner!! Loved all of them!! They deserve a big applause!!

Szalonaisa said...

One letter, and so many possibilities :) Awesome creations!!

SUSAN said...

Congratulation for the winner.
All quilled K are fabulous.

I'm so sorry Pritesh..I have missed your challenge...:)


Anonymous said...

yayyy... i can't believe i actually won... Thankyou so much for the challenge :D
mailing you right away...

chillin with Quillin said...

congrats to the winner, I think they all did great, one letter and several out comes!!!!

kiddo said...

Great creations! Love them all, so many ideas starting with one letter! Congrats to the winner!

Pritesh Ananth Krishnan said...

Thank you all ans CONGRATULATIONS Aditi! I loved all the creativity of the participants! Was spellbound to see so many willing participants :)

PaperCraftwithAditi said...

Thanks Pritesh!!! It will be my pleasue to quill anything for you dear:) Just tell me when you want. When are u coming to hyderabad? looking fwd to meet you !

Pritesh Ananth Krishnan said...

I may be in Hyd pretty soon actually, my sister is moving there! :) I will sure come to visit her :)

Piqsie said...

I feel so blesses to have a friend like you!