Monday, January 16, 2012

Indian Crafts Room Challenge - Sum up :)

Hello All,

This is a post filled with my contributions to the Indian Crafts Room Challenge 14 (I am SO sorry Ash, for not having linked back all this while!)......

Here are all my entries (I seem to be addicted heavily) :D

Happy Quilling


PS: If my posts inspire you to create something on similar lines, I feel highly flattered. But please, do respect the effort I take in conceptualizing and executing, please give a direct link to my work when you are inspired by mine. Thanks for understanding........:-)


chillin with Quillin said...

love your quilling!!!

Hussena said...

beautiful creation each and everyone of them...all the best for the challenge...i can see the DT's are gonna have a tough time !!!!

kiddo said...

Beautiful creations! Love them all! So delicate quilling! And the sentiment on the map card is so sweet! Good luck at the challenge!

Pritesh Ananth Krishnan said...

Thanks so much Paula, Hussena and Irina :) I'm more than happy to participate. Clean and simple has fired my thoughts like never before :)

Anonymous said...

Amazing. Love your quilling and tutorials. I am new in this (quill 3 month) and it is very nice of you to share your skils. Good luck at the challenge!

Big hug from Croatia

SUSAN said...

all cards are so great and very pretty, Pritesh. Love it all


aureliaeugenia said...

Gentle sweet creation,

Soraya said...

Your creations are spectacular! Thanks for sharing.

Khusboo said...

Beautiful work..


quilled paper paradise said...

I'm a new quiller in quilling world (since November 2011) I've visited many sites and blogs and learned a lot. I'd be very grateful if you could visit my blog
and leave any coment or suggestion.

Big hug from Croatia

Crafts for kids said...

Those are some awesome paper crafts!