Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bead Soutache jewellery base tutorial

Hello All,

I am sure it has happened to many of us that we set out to make a quilled (or otherwise) jewellery but don't have the correct size base. I faced it many times and decided to solve it the punch-craft way. This is the kind of backing that went into this kind of a piece:

and it can be used like this:

 and this:

Following are the step-be-step images of the tutorial.....

These are the things you'll need: Glue, base paper (I've used 160 gsm black paper) punched in the shape of your choice (I've punched 1" circles using Martha Stewart circle punch), scissors, tweezers, a wire "blank" (to create a gap in the jewellery base) and elements to stick on top. It could be half pearls, beads, quilled elements etc.

Stick 4 layers on top of each other (increase or decrease the number depending on the thickness of the paper you're using) by applying glue throughout the surface.

Fold one circle in half

Cut a thin strip from the centre 

Make it as thin as possible, it only needs to be thick enough to accommodate a wire in the centre of the base.

Cut two circles in that manner, creating 4 semi-circles

Apply glue on the semi-circle and stick on the 4-paper-thick disc ready. Make it a point to align the edges properly.

Two layer thick semi-cricle stack will begin to look like this.

Do a similar step on the other side. Now, the 'groove' in the centre is ready for insertion of a wire.

The idea to insert the wire while making the base is to avoid the "weakness" brought about by sticking the wire to the back of the base. :)

Put glue on the ready base and stick the other 4 layers one by one (the total thickness of the base is 10 layers of 160 gsm paper)

Stick the "central piece" (I've used a 10 mm half pearl , bought from Craft Universe

Start sticking your elements in an "outside to inside" manner. 

And this is how it will end up looking :)

Happy Quilling


PS: If my posts inspire you to create something on similar lines, I feel highly flattered. But please, do respect the effort I take in conceptualizing and executing, please give a direct link to my work when you are inspired by mine. Thanks for understanding........:-)


Shoma Beramji said...

hi dear,
its a great tutorial...loved d idea...i am inspired now..will soon make something..;)
thanks for sharing

Unknown said...

thats an awesome technique... thx for sharing

Dr Sonia S V said...

Very clever Pritesh!!

Ridma Krishny (HRC) said...

Very beautiful....

Unknown said...

wow just loved the idea..wonderful tutorial will definetly try it!!

Unknown said...

loved the idea. wonderful tutorial will definitely try this!!

kalanirmitee said...

Great tutorial...loved it. Thanks for sharing!

Kasia Wojtasik said...

Great idea! :) It is perfect for quilling pendants etc.

kunda said...

Informative n educative tute Pritesh ...Thanks 4 sharing

Pallavi said...

U know Pritesh, I used exactly the same procedure for making groovy rakhi bases last year in my hand made rakhis for the insertion of readymade doris.......the only difference was that I used paper foam instead of was same

I won't say anything for the work coz i m short of words now......:(

Pallavi Rastogi

Hussena said...

You always have the most brilliant ideas and what's more, you are very kind to share them also. I love the tutorial and how simple and easy you have made for even a lay-man to understand :) The jeweled piece looks really beautiful!

Unknown said...

Very nice thanks for tutorial sharing us

sangeetha Rajkumar said...

Loved it thank u for sharing tutorial.....

Uma said...

Well explained.grt.thanx for sharing