Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Punch craft rose tutorial

Hello All,

My hands had been itching to write a tutorial and I finally found time to do so! Some of you may remember that I had come up with how to make a rose some time ago. An image to refresh your memories :)

This rose is made using shading but you can essentially make a monochrome one (I am making a tutorial for monochrome one, you can shade and mix and match colours).

Things needed:

1. Coloured paper (white is included in 'colours'). Preferably between 100 - 160 gsm
2. Heart punch 
3. Glue
4. Something to curl the petals (I use a needle tool, you can use toothpick also)

Step 1: You will need 25 punched hearts  for making one rose of the size I mention here (I have an inch wide heart punch by Martha Stewart). Feel free to expand on it and try variations.

Step 2: Shading - If you wish to make a shaded rose, as per the image shown below, the top part will need the darker tone shading (this goes inside) and the bottom part will need lighter tone. e.g., in the opening image of this post, pink went on the lower part and yellow on the upper part.

Step 3: Where you put the glue is of great importance to the final finish of the rose. Please note where the glue is put on the hearts. Always put glue there as towards the outer edge or scalloped edge will lead to bad finish.

Step 4: Stick three heart together with  their tapered corners exactly at one point and the scalloped parts aligned. Please refer to the image for clarity of instructions.

Step 5: Now, glue 4 hearts but with the tapered ends not exactly meeting but slightly far apart. Make sure you align the scalloped edges always.

Step 6: Make a series of 5, 6 and 7 hearts, progressively altering the angle of gluing.

Step 7: This is how the whole series will look after gluing. I've put them next to each other to make clear how they are to be glued. Notice the progressive change in angle of gluing.

Step 8: Using the back of a pen or a painting brush, curl the joined hearts as shown here.

Step 9: Glue the open ends, taking care to align the scalloped ends properly.

Step 10: Do this to all the joined hearts and this is how the series will look.

Step 11: Using a scissors, cut off the scalloped edge and make it level.

Step 12: The tapered edges aren't glued, because of the way the glue was put on the hearts. Using a needle tool or toothpick, curl the open edge gently, as shown here.

Step 13: Do this to all the whorls in the joined hearts series.

Step 14: This is how they whorls will look after gentle curling.

Step 15: You will need a "base" paper in the same colour as the paper used for the rose.

Step 16: Paste the outermost (5th) whorl on the paper first, followed by the innermost (1st), followed by 2nd.

Step 17: Paste the 4th whorl and then, gently push in (it will need a bit of effort but be patient, don't rush) the 3rd whorl. This is how the rose will look :)

Step 18: Cut the base paper along the outline of the rose and here is your rose :) I am still working on a "free-standing" version of this rose. Maybe, a tutorial will follow once I figure it out. For now, this rose needs to be pasted on a flat surface. Complement this rose with quilled/punched leaves and see your projects taking a beautiful shape :)

Hope you will try it and find it as useful and easy as I do. Initially, it WILL be difficult to make. It takes a bit of practice to get the whorls right. But you will learn them and be able to make them effortlessly soon :)


Happy Quilling


PS: If my posts inspire you to create something on similar lines, I feel highly flattered. But please, do respect the effort I take in conceptualizing and executing, please give a direct link to my work when you are inspired by mine. Thanks for understanding........:-)


chillin with Quillin said...

lovely flower, thanks for the tutorial!!!


fabulous tutorial once again.. never before seen a rose from reverse heart.. this will surely be a hit pritesh..

snehal watwe welde said...

What a powerhouse of talent you are and a patient teacher too.Awesome bloom and great tutorial.I personally love pictoral tutorials...they are easier to understand.Thanks for the inspiration and for the step by step tutorial.Btw did you hand draw the flourish?Its beautiful with the tiny dots .and what are those yellow little things?

Sheetal Ahlawat said...

Very lovely rose . Thanks for sharing Pritesh ji.

Anonymous said...

wow, thanks for tutorial, this is very pretty :D

Sathya said...

Wonderfully made...Thanks Pritesh for tute :)

nehaakabra said...

thanks for a wonderful tutorial.. i m sure to try this one

SUGANTHI said...

Such a unique technique!!!!!. Thanks for sharing.

Jahnavee Kaunal Gandhi said...

Thanks for the gr8 tutorial... I should definitely try to make one...

Helen said...

you made it look so easy. thanks for the tutorial.

Natasha R Naidu said...

Good job, Pritesh. Why don't you try curling the other side of the heart shapes-the curved part instead of the pointed? That would come closer to the natural shape of rose petals - broad at the top and tapering towards the base where they join the calyx. The closer our art comes to the real thing, the more realistic it will look. Unless you're aiming for cubism or surrealism and other modern art.

Have you seen Sonia's heart shaped roses here? http://cardsandschoolprojects.blogspot.in/2011/04/heart-punch-flower-tutorial_15.html
Mine I make with a 6 petal punch.

Keep up the good work on your blog. You're doing a fab job!

Shylaashree said...

thanks for the tutorial pritesh. lovely rose

Bhavana said...

awesome tutorial thanks for sharing:) never thought it would be a heart punch :)

Charu Joshi said...

Hi Pritesh.. this is absolutely amazing... :) thank you for sharing.
As i have always been using the reverse hearts, this is completely a new way of making a rose from hearts...

Handmade Cards by Archana said...

Hello Priesh,..Absolutely beautiful flower.Thanks for sharing the tutorial.

Coca Matei said...

multumesc pentru partajare!totdeauna am avut ce invata de la tine!felicitari

Sudha said...

Wow..this is pretty sweet. Thanks for sharing.


Dr Sonia S V said...

What a unique way of making a rose Pritesh...mindboggling the way your brain works!! Just for curiosity...did it not work if u didnt chop off the scallop of the heart but used it to help glue to the base?
I absolutely love the center...stuff which can inspire poetry...love it!!!

ManuK said...

It's so beautiful that I'm gonna try and make it even if I don't have the heart punch (or any punch as a matter of fact haha!)

Thank you for sharing, Pritesh!


Nati said...

very pretty! thank for sharing!

Syaz said...

Will definitely try it after my viva..Thanks for sharing it, Pritesh..

anandhirajan said...

lovely presentation I do appreciate your effort in creating such a excellent tutorial

Pritesh Ananth Krishnan said...

Thank you all so much for stopping by and leaving your kind comments! :) I hope everyone benefits from the tutorial :)

SUSAN said...

very pretty...thanks for the tutorial, Pritesh

Sheetal Dalvi said...

Beautiful rose thank you for the tutorial

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Baukje said...

your creations look great I love it!
Greetings Baukje

Theepz said...

vow great work!
Will try 4 sure

Anonymous said...

Very nice

Anonymous said...

Beautiful... Thanks for the tutorial.