Friday, September 28, 2012

Some reviews for quillers in India

Hello All,

A disclaimer first, I get nothing financially out of providing these reviews. If you find them objectionable, please write to me. These are just my personal opinions about the craft tools available around us.

1. Fringing scissors by Claro: Reasonably good for fringing and cutting both, the lever looks a little fragile. I am not sure how sturdy it will be for regular and prolonged use. You'll need to try it out. But for 35 rupees, I feel it's a good buy

2. Fringing scissors by Maped: Handy, small, safe and comfortable is how I will describe it. It is no Fiskars but it is good enough for fringing work. The lever looks very sturdy, it has a comfortable grip and I would say, it looks really cute.

3. Pie-Lane slotted quilling tool - Metal: So, I drop in to Venus and spot this quilling took by Pie-Lane and I am pleasantly surprised. It is ergonomically designed and it works well. I've tried it already and it works well. It is no Panduro tool and my hand ached after about an hour of quilling (Panduro is painless even for 7-8 hours of non-stop quilling), but it functions ok. So, if you are not eyeing the BEST quilling tool and are looking to save some money (I am a HUGE Panduro fan, I'll any day recommend that tool for professional quillers), this should work. The metal body will ensure longevity, I suppose and the grip on top is useful. It is priced at, I'd say very reasonably, at 150 rupees.

4. Pie-Lane slotted quilling tool - Plastic: Compared to the metal quilling tool, this pales. But it is still better than the older routine lot available otherwise. The needle in those was lousy and left an ugly nip in the centre of your coils. The lack of grip on top is sorely felt (my hand slipped once I was sweating a bit in my hands) but for 50 rupees, it is a good buy for beginners. Eventually, I'd recommend graduating to the metal tool and for professional work, Panduro has no match.

Happy Quilling


PS: If my posts inspire you to create something on similar lines, I feel highly flattered. But please, do respect the effort I take in conceptualizing and executing, please give a direct link to my work when you are inspired by mine. Thanks for understanding........:-)


Annette Carlo said...

Hello Pritesh!
I just want to say thank you so much for all of your helpful tutorials and now your info on tools. I live in California, USA, and I am having a difficult time in finding the Panduro tool that you mention. Also, the manual paper shredder. Can you give me some advice on how I and others in the US might be able to purchase those. ? Thank you again. It is always inspiring to see all of your work! You're awesome for sharing all of your knowledge! :0) Annette

Pooja Prateek said...

Pritesh thanks for this helpful information.. well except that mapped scissors i have all the tools you mentioned and they are really good. about Pie lane product- they are bit expensive compare to other brands but quality is really good.


Pooja Prateek

Kavitha Vadhri said...

Thanks for sharing your experience. i wanted to buy few tools and while searching found in one website saying professional quilling tool used by famous quiller pritesh, it is like a pen,do you use that??curious to know.
I dont have a link now, but its Indian crafts website as i remember.

Pooja Prateek said...

Hi Pritesh,

It's very kind of you to provide such information.

Other than Mapped scissors i do have all products you mention and they work fine.
About Pie-Lane products - it is bit expensive compare o other brands but quality wise its best!!


Pooja Prateek (PB)

Pritesh Ananth Krishnan said...

Dear Kavitha, that website is The tool available there is manufactured by Panduro, Sweden. Neha Gala (of A1 Craft Supply) imports it and you can contact her for buying the tool.

Annette, I wish I had an answer to your question. Panduro is a local Swedish craft supply chain. They do deliver International though. I'll drop in a word to them and let's see. For the shredder, the best you get is Ryman MA4 shredder, available in UK. Try getting one from there (I think they ship international as well). I don't know much about shredders available in US myself.

snehal watwe welde said...

Thanks for this information.I own nothing amongst these...but I am curious about how much does Panduro cost

Dr Sonia S V said...

This is an awesome post Pritesh both the scissors are familiar to me as my kiddo uses them ..I actually thought they were kids scissors!! I think I should try the metal tool as maybe because I use the cheap plastic variety[non branded]quilling can become tiring! So sweet of you to write this review

Annette Carlo said...

Pritesh, thank you for your response! I have searched the internet,(and maybe it's because I'm not very computer literate,) but I have not been able to find either items, where they are available. I will keep looking. If you do hear of anybody in US having any luck with finding either item, could you please pass on the information? Much appreciation and regards, Annette :0)

Pritesh Ananth Krishnan said...

Annette, I found out. At least the quilling tool may be available through Martha Pullen. Panduro write to me saying they have a collaboration with Martha Pullen

Haddock said...

These are the type of scissors I am looking for.
Thanks for sharing.

Neha J said...

Could you pls tell me more details about Paper shredder. I need to buy good paper shredder. can u pls tell me the options , I am living In Pune.Is it available in India.

Neha J said...

Hi , I am living In Pune. I need to buy Paper shredder, Could you pls tell me from where did u purchased it from UK.

Pritesh Dagur said...

The shredder is Ryman MA4, available online in UK. Ryman website has it :)