Who is Pritesh?

Hello All,

At the outset, thank you, for spending your time reading what I have to say about me, which is precious little (I talk a lot, so take this one with a pinch of salt!).

I come from a Defense background (my Dad was in the Indian Navy) and a second child (of four) to my parents. With an elder brother to look up to, I always grew up.....umm......in a bit of a masculine atmosphere. Tree-climbing and not Barbies were my childhood specialities.

From my mother, I've received this Art gene which kept me dabbling with one form of Art or the other all my life. After doing my Class XII from K. V. No. 2 ASC, Bareilly Cantt, I went on to study Chemistry Honours at Miranda House, Delhi University (yes, you heard it right, I love Chemistry ;)). A chance meeting with a College senior made me aware of the existence of Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore. On a whim, I wrote the exam, made it through a series of interviews and went on to my M.S. and PhD from there. I finished PhD in Materials Chemistry from Materials Research Centre in July 2008.

Within two weeks of leaving Bangalore, I headed out to Gent University, Belgium to do my post-doc in Centre for Microsystems and Technology under Prof. Jan Vanfleteren. A conference publication, a USA patent and a Europe patent later, I quit the position, got married to Ananth (whom I'd been seeing for 4 years) and moved to Stockholm.

Then ensued the first REAL break from studying, I was without a job for 10 months and at the end of that period, I was working a post-doctorate yet again at School of Information and Communication Technology. My son was born in October 2010 and I took a long parental leave from June 2011 to August 2011. It was then that I started quilling.

Quilling was a revelation, an Art I had never heard of before. My sister introduced me to it and persisted in making me attempt it seriously. With lots of time at hand, I thought, ok, it doesn't hurt. Two months later, I was hooked and booked too! :D My friend, Deepa Bharti, put her faith in me and asked me to make her anniversary gift. From then on, I have had the good fortune of bumping into people who have a hunger for the unusual, for the untried. This is where I started:

and this is here I am today :)

Seattle skyline - the painting registered for a Guinness Book of World records for the largest beehive quilling painting in the world (4850 square centimetre of beehive quilling). Co-creator: Richa Kapre

In the larger scheme of things, the one I am terribly proud of is the work I've done on the paper jhumka. After numerous trials (and errors!), the jhumka is in a state where it withstood my weight (I fell on it) and survived, unscathed!.....

It has been a journey where I've taken leaps of faith, learnt a lot of lessons, the biggest one being:

If you don't push your boundaries to achieve excellence, they will shrink to accommodate your mediocrity

I can be contacted at:

+91 8884643192


Unknown said...

I m a big big fan of yours....i m in love with your jhumkas and the way u make and name them really make them special...

I m new to quilling and came to know about it just last year and now trying to make my mark and see u as my inspiration ...If possible for u please do visit my blog http://rachana-creations.blogspot.in and also my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rachana-Creations
and post your valuable comments and suggestions...,thank you

Diana said...

Thank you for the inspiring words!! And u ve got a talented hand Lady!! Keep it up!

Unknown said...

You are a true inspiration!!! I just love your blog!!

Lastminutetravel.com said...

You are very inspiring and I have started quilling after visiting your blog. Please do follow my blog artikraft.blogspot.in.

richa said...

First of all congratulations for the painting registered for a Guinness Book of World and no doubt you are the master of this art.

I too need your valuable time and feedback for my quilling art work.

Please have a look on my facebook page i.e https://www.facebook.com/ArtOfRichaSharma or simply search "Art work Using Quilling"

Many thanks in Advance :)

Anonymous said...

Can you please post the tutorial for your red and blue jhumkas with gold work??? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi, what type of paint i can use on jhumkas?

Suhani said...

Hi pritesh , i want to do advanced quilling in bangalore , is there any workshop coming by?