Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Two years of Art'zire - A simple tutorial........

Hello All,

Here comes a simple tutorial for quilled studs, that, according to me, look very royal once done :)

Make one strip cones, a simple video is here: Video for Cones

Use head pins (or ball head pins or even eye-pins)

Put them through the wider side of the cone, towards the narrow side and pull completely

Your cones should look like this.....

Now, very gently, start bending the cone down. Go very carefully while doing this because one misstep can lead to the cone opening up completely....

This is roughly how your cone will look after bending

Fill the cone completely with glue (my recommendation is Tacky glue but you can use any resin glue)

Spread it completely on the inside

Let the glue dry completely

I've used teardrop crystals in amber colour (contact A 1 Craft Supplies for these crystals and E6000)

Apply the E6000 glue to the edge of the cone 

Push in the teardrop crystal until it comes to rest comfortably in the cone

Allow E6000 also to dry completely. Paint the outer surface with your choice of colour. I've used Camlin Antique Bronze acrylic colour

On the edge of the cone, glue 1.5 mm rhinestone chain (I've used amber finish) using Tacky Glue/E6000 (for amber chain, contact A1 Craft Supply)

Allow the layer to dry completely

On top of amber, I've used black rhinestone chain

To make the design look coherent, 1 mm ball chain (available with A1 Craft Supply) was used. Allow all the glue to dry properly and your studs are good to go :)

Happy Quilling


PS: If my posts inspire you to create something on similar lines, I feel highly flattered. But please, do respect the effort I take in conceptualizing and executing, please give a direct link to my work when you are inspired by mine. Thanks for understanding........:-)